The Benefits of the Academy…


…For Our Participants:

Participation in the performing arts provides a myriad of benefits for actors, singers, dancers, musicians, set designers, sound and lighting technicians, stage crew and directors.

Whether it is summer drama camp or for students, a workshop focusing on vocals, dialogue or dance, or a full blown musical theater production, Academy participants, no matter their age or where they live, have the opportunity to:

  • learn about the performing arts.
  • entertain the community
  • learn new skills
  • meet new people
  • work as part of a cohesive team and
  • bolster self-confidence

…For Our Community:

Drama, dance and musical performances bring an audience together through a shared experience. Individuals, who may never have met otherwise, laugh and cry together, are sometimes awakened to new ideas or perspectives, and are often left speechless at the beauty of expression before them, becoming one in a community of appreciation.

"What really improved my drama skills were the great instructions from all the great teachers and making friends with the techies, cast, and stage crew."
Josh, grade 8

"By being involved in dance, drama and music, I have had the chance to meet people I never would have otherwise met, and experience things I would never have otherwise experienced."
Abbie, grade 12

"I have learned to do a lot of new things such as use all the technical equipment and teach other people how to use it. I was even on stage for a show and learned how to act, dance and sing."
Jacob, grade 10